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Me and my friends with big boobs. I loved this anime and Aladdin.
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if you go on Netflix they have two versions of the series, one called the labyrinth of magic and the other was the kingdom of magic. but it interested me too to see the mythology in there, i loved it. especially Aladdin
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I've seen the two I think. It seemed like they followed each other though no? I also think they are supposed to come out with a Sinbad movie or short series or something like that. Not sure, have you heard anything about it?@Jak91 and hell yea I wanna see what the muse is about also. I have love for all the stories ^.^
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@littlemaryk im pretty sure they do follow each other, as for out of a Sinbad movie..... well I haven't seen a Sinbad movie so idk, that ones on me lol
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Oh okay I wasn't sure by what you meant and I thought maybe there might have been another versions out there. but awe man I need to look it up again and see what's up@Jak91
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