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We all have those moments when we find a new kpop group we like. We stumble upon a new group and are like "ooh i like this. i must see more of this."
And you watch the first video and are like, "i dont know how my friends can say they all look the same! they look nothing alike! memorizing names is gonna be so easy!"
Then you watch the next video.... And they are all wearing matching outfits! And they have the same colored hair! And they smile and you know they are thinking "tell us apart now! then i will be impressed"
At first you mope because you feel you are being mocked. But Then...
Game On! I got This! Hwaiting! And then you are even more bound and determined to figure out who is who. And then after you have accomplished your goal you love all of the members for their unity as well as their uniqueness!
I'm so thankful I've never gotten into the larger groups. BTS and Got7 are my largest groups. I don't think I'd be able to handle more XD
I basically flash card quizzed my sister Seventeen members so we would know all their names and faces. Lol.
When I first got into Kpop I saw Super Junior and I had a little post it with their names and characteristics so I could learn their names faster hahahaha
This is so relatable!
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