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I know how you feel. I've been there before. it sucks. You just got dumped and everything you do or see reminds you of her/him. It's a hard transition, to go from happily cuffed to depressed and alone.
One of the best ways to get over this terrible feeling is to listen to some music. And not any music. Super emo/pop punk music to get you up and out of bed (or it might make you stay in bed, I'm not really sure). All of the songs on the following list cover a section of the journey that is the capital-B Break Up.

RVIVR -- Real Mean

RVIVR's Real Mean is a quick song that covers what going through a break up feels like and then being a little reflective on it after the fact. It's got a good sound (almost everything RVIVR puts out has a good sound) and it kind of makes you want to kick a hole through a door when you leave your house. It's one of the more "feel good" songs on the list, especially if your ex is still trying to make you out as the bad guy.

Notable Lyric:

"And what's the use? I know you're just sore to lose. I was never half as bad as you were bad to me. Being real, not being mean. You're old enough to know the difference between being a real and being mean."

Chumped -- Hot 97 Summer Jam

The ridiculously titled Hot 97 Summer Jam by Chumped lands on a totally different part of the Break-Up spectrum. It reminds me of the situations where you've been dumped or you dumped someone and weeks or even months go by and you realize what a giant mistake you made. Then you're on their Instagram or something (because who leaves the house anymore) and see them with someone else. And you send them awkward e-mails telling them you want them back but it isn't really enough (obviously, because I think they'd want you to leave your house and see them in, you know, person). But you write and tell them you still love them and want them back and will wait for them... This hits a little too close to home.

Notable Lyrics:

I see you stare. I watch you whisper in her ear about the things that I can’t be but does she love you like I love you?

It Looks Sad. -- Ocean

With a band name like It Looks Sad. You can't expect the song on this list to be a chipper one. This is one of those songs you listen to when you're stuck in bed. Put those noise-cancelling headphones on and cover yourself in blankets. Put your iTunes or your CD player on repeat and think about all those good times. All the times you could have had something but it fell through your fingers. Like water. Or the ocean. If you're hung up, listen to Ocean a bunch of times and cry yourself a river.

Notable Lyrics:

I'm just looking for your hands to hold. 'Cause this room it's grown too cold. This room's too cold when I'm alone. I miss our home, it's too quiet in my skull.

Kevin Devine -- 11.17

Kevin Devine's lyrics tend to boggle my mind but there's something about this song that really captures what it feels like when a relationship doesn't go the way you want to. And that's why you're here right? Trying to figure out the best way to cope after a relationship didn't work out and it seems like Kevin Devine has a (sort of, kind of, probably, maybe) answer for you. It's completely atmospheric and heart wrenching. It's okay though, you'll make it through.

Notable Lyrics:

These sour grapes when the joke goes bad. This same smirk, same bullshit laugh. The egg on my face when I can't go back. I didn't plan for that.

Brand New -- Tautou

The truth is, if you're reading this list you're not over it yet. You're still thinking about your ex, your past, and how things got all fucked up. It's okay. These things take time. And I know that isn't really helpful at all... Actually, nothing I can say or none of these songs are actually helpful. You are hurt and all you want to do is be with that person again. It'd make you the happiest person in the world to be back with them. But unfortunately that's not the case.

Notable Lyrics:

I'm sinking like a stone in the sea. I'm burning like a bridge for your body.
You don't know how to describe how you feel but Brand New does. In one minute and forty-five seconds they completely capture what it feels like want someone so bad even when you can't have them. Yeah, I might not be adequately equipped to help you. But at least Tautou reminds you that you aren't alone in your feelings.
Awesome list, I'm looking forward to checking out these tunes (even though I'm not currently in breakup mode). Tautou is such an awesome Brand New song!!
a buddy of mine recently put me on to chumped; they're dope. as for the rest of these, I'll keep them in mind for if I ever need them. hopefully not, eh?
Dude Bon Jovi!