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Source: Naver
1. [+1,519, -111] This is why getting into a huge agency is important... SM is definitely pulling out the guns for their promos
2. [+1,479, -374] And they dropped off the charts just as fast as they went up
3. [+1,110, -276] It'd be weird if they didn't win #1 on charts full of songs that are several weeks old..
4. [+1,039, -364] Crazy media play...
5. [+838, -276] Doesn't matter, not like they're going to maintain it
6. [+193, -53] The thing about SM comebacks is that their songs always top charts, put out tons of articles about it, and then drop off the charts again
7. [+167, -45] I wish f(x) would get as much support as Red Velvet does. Red Velvet gets so much support and yet their public recognition level is still rock bottom. f(x) has potential to be so much better with the right support...
8. [+182, -69] 'Leon' is right back at the top, nono to media play
9. [+145, -41] The song's only doing this well because of Red Velvet's name value... if it was a nugu girl group, the song would've been buried already
10. [+137, -57] With all this promotion it's getting, no wonder the song's up there... I took a listen to it and it honestly sounds stupid. The song's robbing an empty house ㅋㅋ