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Yeah, I've already started this one. My kid knows all about these, especially The Doctor. ^.^
I might do this kind of stuff to my kid daily. >.> Lol. He's never bored, you know.
Yeah, I homeschool my son. It's just me and the minion, so obviously I'm the smart (a$$) "teacher". We're all doomed.
I would pay for this service, people. Realllllly well. DOOO IT!
How does he already have a girlfriend? He's 7... *head on desk*
But hey, I'm proud! He's super smart, handsome, has great hair... And yeah, he's cooler than me.
You sound like a fantastic mom, with a great sense of humor too!!!! @ButterflyBlu love this hahaha
@danidee THANK YOU! I get sooo tired of hearing about how my kid will be socially awkward. I'm always like, "really?! Here. One hour with him and let me know what you think about that..." Lol. My child is way more social in person than I am. I just stand there and listen to him go. Smh.
@danidee IT IS, but it's totally freaking worth it!! We have fun and do it our way. I'm able to cater lessons to what he's interested in and what level he's actually at instead of where some mouthpiece says he Might be... Which is a huge deal for me. He's way ahead of his class. I'm not going to force him to dumb down his classes and be bored to please someone else when I could let him roll forward and absorb it all. ^.^ *jumps off the soapbox*
OMG THE CHEWIE'S BODY IS MADE OUT OF HASH BROWNS. Also, wow, I had no idea you homeschooled your son! I have many friends who were homeschooled and they're all extremely precocious. Sounds like a whole lot of tough work for parents though!
@VinMcCarthy I said he was smart, man!!!
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