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My friend @VeronicaArtino mentioned she's having a hard time right now. So I thought I'd make a card full of really soothing, fell-good songs! I had a rough time myself a little while ago, and I rely on music a lot to feel comforted and safe (we actually had a good talk about that here).
Here are five songs that will (hopefully) lighten the emotional weight you're carrying!

Lord Huron- The Stranger

This is kind of an odd song when you listen to the lyrics. The music is really playful though, and the conclusion is pretty hopeful.

Portugal. The Man- Sea of Air

This is another one with kind of melancholy lyrics. I think sometimes it's comforting to listen to music like this when you're down. It makes the sad feelings less lonesome.

Neon Jungle- Louder

This band is INCREDIBLE. Their passion for music is tangible in this song (and everything they do to be honest). It feels very triumphant. Like they've gone through a struggle and now they're on the other side.

The Gaslight Anthem- Film Noir

This band has a really gritty sound. It has a lot of the spirit of the place where I grew up. It sounds indomitable. This one feels very hopeful, despite all the sadness that's dragging all of us down. I find it comforting.

Patti Smith- Gloria

This song starts out really mellow... just wait for it. Patti Smith is a PRESENCE. And once this song gets going, it really feels impossible not to just get up and dance. And sometimes that's exactly what you need.
I hope you feel better soon @VeronicaArtino but in the meantime there's some music to help you through. Does anyone else have any suggestions for comforting music?
Sure thing @VeronicaArtino ^_^
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Ah Patti Smith, the godmother of Punk. Love her, saw her play outside the rock and roll hall of fame when I was 12. Amazing woman and artist!
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Ooooh so jealous @TessStevens I bet that was amazing
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