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My friend @VeronicaArtino mentioned she's having a hard time right now. So I thought I'd make a card full of really soothing, fell-good songs! I had a rough time myself a little while ago, and I rely on music a lot to feel comforted and safe (we actually had a good talk about that here).
Here are five songs that will (hopefully) lighten the emotional weight you're carrying!

Lord Huron- The Stranger

This is kind of an odd song when you listen to the lyrics. The music is really playful though, and the conclusion is pretty hopeful.

Portugal. The Man- Sea of Air

This is another one with kind of melancholy lyrics. I think sometimes it's comforting to listen to music like this when you're down. It makes the sad feelings less lonesome.

Neon Jungle- Louder

This band is INCREDIBLE. Their passion for music is tangible in this song (and everything they do to be honest). It feels very triumphant. Like they've gone through a struggle and now they're on the other side.

The Gaslight Anthem- Film Noir

This band has a really gritty sound. It has a lot of the spirit of the place where I grew up. It sounds indomitable. This one feels very hopeful, despite all the sadness that's dragging all of us down. I find it comforting.

Patti Smith- Gloria

This song starts out really mellow... just wait for it. Patti Smith is a PRESENCE. And once this song gets going, it really feels impossible not to just get up and dance. And sometimes that's exactly what you need.
I hope you feel better soon @VeronicaArtino but in the meantime there's some music to help you through. Does anyone else have any suggestions for comforting music?
Ah Patti Smith, the godmother of Punk. Love her, saw her play outside the rock and roll hall of fame when I was 12. Amazing woman and artist!
Sure thing @VeronicaArtino ^_^
Ooooh so jealous @TessStevens I bet that was amazing