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Nancy Liang is an artist and illustrator from Sydney. She creates really amazing GIFs. Her style is very whimsical and fantastical. However, she does showcase plenty of art that do no take the form of a GIF Some of her other pieces have the same sort of feel, but they are still.

The Forgotten Sydney

Sydney once was a place that was very important for intellect, culture, and social. Today, it's in the background. The moth drawn here represents the spirit of a the building bidding farewell. The moth represents the soul of a recently deceased visiting a place for the last time.

The Predicaments of Travelling

Fika Fika

The Illustrated Mixtape

"...But really it didn’t matter what we were saying. It was that it was being said with like-minded souls who had met only hours earlier and in this moment bonded by the pull of the dark. Revealing parts of themselves was merely one’s entry point into the pitter patter rhythm of dialogue."
seriously great!!
These are beautiful! <3
wow! What a cool idea to use gif for art! I really enjoyed these
These are really beautiful and unique!