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It’s Bronwyn here today to give some tips on why choosing a Yellow Based BB Cream is better than a BB Cream with a Grey Base.
Grey Based BB Creams are EVERYWHERE! Have you ever purchased a BB Cream before, applied it to your face and then throughout the day, notice your face looks very grey or even thought to yourself “why do I look sick?”, I know I have. There was 1 BB cream I bought after hearing how popular it was then later found out it had this weird grey toned color to it. This ultimately made me have no desire to use the product again. This Grey BB Cream base is a common issue that can occur in a lot of bb creams, even in popular products and brands. Some people may prefer the grey base, but many people generally prefer a products that matches their natural skin tone as closely as possible.
Thanks for the tag @alywoah & @wishtrend this card is super informative! I will start keeping an eye out for only yellow based bb creams.