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... would be a HOT mess.

But since you asked.
I really love the challenge @danidee tagged me in. I have a secret love fer performance and while I'm actually not a huge fan of talk shows, there are some exceptions (like the Daily Show of course). I think mine would be a bit like the Muppet Show. Part talk show, part variety show...

Complete with things that go wrong.

One thing I learned while working on live performances is that something always goes awry. I felt like Kermit about 90% of the time. Just kind of flustered and disgruntled, but determined to do the best anyway!

I would love to interview Neil deGrasse Tyson.

He's really smart and funny and honestly I'd love to just set him up to talk about science on live tv for a while.

And there's my sidekick!

I really like coffee. And I feel like if I were on a talk show I'd need a Starbucks cup to talk to me on occasion. Like a little muppet.
You're not supposed to eat the fruit.

My house band: Kathleen Hannah

She's a force of nature. I'd love to have her music supporting the show, and honestly I'd be really happy just listening to her banter at me. The host is pretty much just there to listen, right?

My show would be popular for...

Gosh. A lot of different things. Funny slam poetry about fanfiction? Anti-racist PSAs? Taste testing weird sexual products?

All of the above!

We'd probably be on at 11pm.
Thanks for tagging me @danidee ^_^ I'm kind of dreaming of doing this now...
Funny slam poetry and Kathleen Hanna? Sign me up!
I bet are shows would rake in the viewers because they are so original and relatable and be way too fun to watch
@shannonl5 if you got @danidee approval you got it made :)
@shannonl5 awesome sauce!!!
@VeronicaArtino @buddyesd lol we'll all be Youtube famous in no time XD
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