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I have big eyes. I always have. People make fun of me for it. Others say they love it. Beauty is subjective, and very personal, but if you'd like your eyes to look bigger, for whatever reason, read on friends.
I actually use a black liner to make my eyes look smaller, so...don't do that.
Instead use these tips and tricks to get the peepers of your dreams.

First, prep!

Apply a moisturizer with a little bit of shimmer in it. I love BB cream to brighten up the face. The Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector will really work for people with smaller eyes, because it has a lot of coverage. The under-eye area needs to appear bright and flat in order to make the eye pop. So get googly with a BB cream.

Next, tackle the dark circles.

I wrote a really in-depth post about my dark-circle routine, but in short, it's all about concealing and setting. Dark circles push your eyes farther into your face, this trick is all about light and we want your face to be brighter and appear more healthy, so covering up that ish is essential.
Build on the BB cream with a concealer of your choice, Matte, of course, you don't want light bouncing off anything other than your eye.

Then, break out the WHITE EYELINER, your new best friend.

White generally makes things look bigger (why I don't wear white pants). So use that fact to make your eyes look bigger.
I LOVE NYX Jumbo Eye pencils. The shade "Milk" is the holy grail white eyeliner and will transform your face. Trust me.
Apply this sucker on your water line. that's not right under your eyes, it's in your eye, technically,right above your lashes, before your eyeball to be exact. Use it on the top line as well with a thin strip right above the lashes. It basically has a "hi-light" effect and makes light bounce off your eyeball, making them appear bigger.
It's also a great hi-light for your nose, cheeks and chin...if you're into the contouring thing.

Next, alter your shadow routine to include lighter colors.

So if you haven't caught the drift yet, the secret to making your eyes look bigger is "hi-lighting". Change the super dark colors for frosty ones. Balance out your eye with a plum or navy color rather than black, and invest in shadows with shimmer.
I love Urban Decay for tastefully shimmery shadows that don't make you look like a disco ball. Check out the Stardust shadows above, although not all lighter colors, they've got hella shimmer. And that's great for reflecting light.
Again, science.

Then, get your liner and mascara on.

Okay, anything heavy and dark should be avoided, but when you apply liner, focus on the top.
A nice, thick line works for the top. Feel free to wing it out at the end for added length and shape for your eyes. Then apply a mascara that lengthens. By extending your lashes out, it'll make your eyes look more deep set, and bigger.
I love the Kajal liners from Maybelline. They're extremely easy to use and can create any line you want. Then, use their Lash Potion mascara, one of the best lengtheners.
This is a perfect example of what we're going for. A nice thick line on top, white liner on bottom and long, spindly lashes. See! It can be achieved!
All eyes are pretty cool though. So be proud of what you got too.