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So I have been super busy with school so its been a bit hard to keep up with kpop world!
so first of red velevet oh mi gawd i loved dumb dumb ! :-) the beat is insanley catchy ! ugh its hard picking a bias its between Wendy and seulgi they where so adorable when i saw them at kcon p.s i secrelty ship them with got7 anyone else?!
Cn.Blue is coming back omfg im so excited TUT my feelz yall this song is about to be amazing ugh i love the funky beat to it !
So monsta X i honeslty must confess ive really fallen for them, these guys are in it to win it when i saw them live i was able perceive their maturness and talent. I liked rush alot but something about this song specifically ugh it just mesmerized right away I.M is bae !
Seventeen the group of boys who i didnt want to get into cuz i already have to many fandoms...but yup one day i slipped into the diamond life and its to late know, this song will be the death of me and i know it fml bruh
Ok if u guys havent seen this teaser yet i highly recommend this group dear lord i already know ill be entering this fandom gosh just look at them! like im super excited i havent been this excited for a debut in a while
so ikon!!!! is finally freakin debuting !!!!! i honestly dont know what will be left of me or my wallet after all these comebacks and debuts yall bless all our fangirl souls ugh anyways ikcon i cant pick a bias i like them all so yeah...
last but not least BTS.......after a day upon watching this words cant describe how much i went through. Prolouge was incredible words cant described how amazing it was, butterfly will was the end of me i already know when this comeback happens ill be gone ! its to much perfection
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