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My Late Night Talk Show: 'Stay Up Late with Danidee!'

Welcome to 'Stay Up Late with Danidee!' I am your host, @danidee, whose real name is Dani and whose last name actually only starts with a D, but that's another conversation for another day.
Anyway, thank you for coming to the very first episode of my new late night talk show. Let me give you, the audience, a little tour of the studio. Sound good?

Meet my co-host, my pet dachshund: Belle the Wonderpooch!

She's only a dog, so she's not going to make any fun jokes or anything, but sometimes I dress her up as a hot dog. People love that, right? Weinerdogs dressed up in costumes? Thought so.

And then there's my house band, Shannon & The Clams!

Are you into lo-fi (and slightly strange) surf rock? Then you'll love the in-house 'Stay Up Late' band, Shannon & The Clams. They're from Oakland, California - the same state as me. Although, we're from opposite ends of it, so we might as well be from different states entirely.
But I digress. Have you guys seen my newest segment? I think you'll get a real kick out of it.

It's the Midnight Munchies Cooking Challenge!

One of my favorite TV shows is a Korean one called 'Happy Together' where famous celebrities teach you how to make their favorite weird snacks. Would you be into trying Jason Schwartzman's Pizza Rice? Or maybe Anne Hathaway's Nacho Omelet?

We'll start with tonight's special guest: Matthew Gray Gubler!

You might know him as Dr. Spencer Reid on the hit crime series, 'Criminal Minds', but I know him as the love of my life. Just don't tell him (or the other love of my life, Ben Schwartz) that because my fervent fangirling might make the interview awkward.
So grab a bowl of popcorn, perhaps something nice to drink, and stay tuned because the first episode of 'Stay Up Late with Danidee' begins right after this commercial break!
@danidee add in a belly rub and a chin scratch
I think Belle would be a marvelous co-host!!
Another fellow criminal minds fan! (shake hands) You can keep Dr Reid, just leave the muscular delicious Morgan for me ;)
@VienKnight Omg, production manager AND agent. I respect your talents so much lol.
@danidee at ure service sir :D now lets talk about salary and ure idea as a future web model :D
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