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Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, was released from jail yesterday after being put in for not issuing gay couples marriage licenses.
Her reasoning behind not issuing these licenses? It’s against her religion. She cited "God's authority" and her religious objections to marriage equality. Perhaps a government worker can’t separate church and state, then maybe she shouldn’t work for the government?
The court freed Davis on one condition: she can’t stop her deputy clerks from giving out marriage licenses.
When she was released from prison, there was a whole event and crowd that greeted her. She entered to the “Eye of the Tiger” theme. Let it be noted that Survivor did not approve of their song for that event.
And the potential Republican Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz were there for all the action. Oh Teddy...
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@nicolejb im pretty sure obama studied conlaw or claims to have madd knowledge of it. i remember half of his speeches and promises were all about following the constitution. he has def not. since hes been president hes started/continued 5 wars that are un-constitutional. the ndaa he resigned violates it...umm alot of other stuff. amd yet somehow he gets the noble peace prize.
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i really think we are slowly but surely turning stupid like. i think they made a movie about it called idiotocracy
2 years ago·Reply
Hmmm but I don’t think his made his decisions trying to be “dumb” I think he’s tried (at least I think) to make educated decisions for the nation. they might not have been the right ones, but I don’t think any decision the government has made hasn’t been thought-out. I think we “think” too much about decisions and need to act more actually @NormanSmith Though I would be interested to see that movie! is it a documentary?
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@nicolejb it came out in the late 90s i think mike judge wrote the guy who did king of the hill and office space. it has luke wilson in it
2 years ago·Reply
Interesting @NormanSmith! I’ll have to take a look at it!
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