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First of id like to start by saying Big Star are so underrated ! These guys are very talented the deserve more recognition i really enjoyed this song <3 Love the boys so much they are adorable and funny and hot ofcourse! haha
Im really glad prufles came back even as a 3 member group, i really enjoyed their debut song 1 2 3 this comeback song is much different but these girls spectacular voices really shined! i hope to see more from them
ok this debut by far has been one of my favorites this year, this song is so unique and empowering its been on replay. I really enjoyed it highly recomend it her voice is spectacular !!!!
I honestly dont know much about playback i know they are rookies but i honestly wasnt very impressed with their debut song however this collab with eric proved me wrong i really enjoyed hearing their voices loved the harmony !
Day6 ! omg what can i say freakin amazing!!! i loved them,the song, their voices, every thing now i just have to get to know them!
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I hadn't heard of Miwoo before this card! I love it!!!!!!!!