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There is a lot that goes into looking that awesome all the time.
The New York Times felt it necessary to ask new beauty icon Kylie Jenner about EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. From skincare to make-up, fitness and back again we learned a lot about the 18 year old social phenom taking over everything right now (doesn't her youth and beauty make you feel like shit?) Here are the 10 most important things I learned from the interview, so you don't have to read it.

1. She goes to a hella-expensive dermatologist named Christie Kidd.

Not that us mortals can afford that, but a customized skin routine keeps Kylie in check. She wears Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream and lots of sun screen. That's why her skin's flawless, because she has custom everything. This dermo services all of the Kardashian folk and recommends products and an expensive sun-screen by TiZO3.

2. She says she doesn't wear "heavy" makeup.

As an avid proponent of heavy makeup, I can tell she wears a lot of different products. She says that in real life she doesn't use a lot of stuff, just on photo shoots and instagram posts. Her professional artists use way more shit than she does apparently. She claims her favorite foundation is Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation because of its light coverage.

3. She uses Neutrogena make-up remover wipes.

I like the wipes from Korean brand Tony Moly, and they're more expensive than Neutrogena. Woo! Got you beat there Kylie. I guess it depends on what kind of skin you have. The Neutrogena ones tend to dry out my skin. There's a wipe for everyone I guess.

4. She wears CVS / Drugstore brand lashes.

She says she doesn't like heavy lashes either. So she heads to the drug store lash section and picks out "clean and light" whisper individuals. For all she's worth she could be wearing those crazy Mink lashes, but I guess she wants to be down-to-earth.

5. Her go-to contouring kit is this one from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

She's known for contouring just as much as Kim, but Kylie doesn't go as heavy on the drama. For a light, natural look Jenner uses this all-in-one kit.

6. She plugged the Kardashian line of beauty products. No surprise there.

She says she uses the Kardashian bronzer. I think it's chalky, then again my opinion is irrelevant since I don't have millions of Instagram followers right? I'm not bitter I swear.

7. She swears by "Illumination".

This is, I guess, the cool way of saying, "I use a light color to enhance the parts of my face that bounce light effectively." This is achieved by using makeup that's two shades lighter than your skin, and placing it strategically for a shimmery, glowy result. The lighter colors on sister Kim's face show the technique.

8. She doesn't like perfume.

I can't act like this is real news, but it's a little strange. You'd expect someone like Kylie Jenner to have a go-to perfufme, like a Chanel No 5 or something. Nope. She says she likes generic "Coconut Passion" spray and Victoria's Secret scents.
Ouch. Sorry to all of the designer perfumeries that want a piece of that Kylie Jenner promo money. Not getting any here.

9. She doesn't wash her hair every day and you shouldn't either.

I just recently stopped washing my hair every day. I don't know, I just like feeling clean. Anyway, Jenner uses Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner. It's a pretty expensive salon brand, but doable if you really want to spend the money.

10. She's got an army of people helping her look good so you shouldn't feel bad because you don't.

She's got a spray tan artist, hair stylist, colorist, make-up artist, nail tech, personal trainer, chef and more. We can't all look perfect all the time, and even though Kylie does...we don't see everything. And why would we want to?
You can use the products, take the advice, but at the end of the day you can't be someone else. It's nice to get inspiration, but don't put so much pressure on yourself to achieve an unattainable look that you start to feel bad. It's okay, it's just make-up.
I know, do you like it @zoexoxo I think I do!
she has blonde hair now