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It doesn't matter, we all have that one friend that doesn't take our shit.I do this kind of thing to my friend Dana all the time. We've known eachother since high school and she gets really easily irritated with me because like...I'm annoying. Plus she's a lot taller than me and I look like a smurf next to her.

Which one are you? The stoic all-business no-play friend...or the all play and no business friend?

Have a great Saturday all!
Yeah I'm definitely a mixture of both. I can be the serious, calm one when needed. If I'm in a good mood, though, or if they need a laugh, I will have all of my friends laughing. I tend to be super quiet when I first meet people, but, man, once we're tight, it's on. lol And @Arellano1052, I love your witty quips, bad puns, and horrible jokes! :P
I'm... Both. Anybody in my life, even my ex's, know that if they needed somebody, that they can call me at any time. When the situation is serious, I don't mess around. I move mountains to make sure that they are okay and that the situation is stable. I'm that consistent and stable friend. Even if it's just to vent, I'll take my friend out to ice cream or go on a drive, or sit with them for hours. I don't believe anybody should feel alone. There are enough people alive where nobody should feel like an outcast or like they have nobody. Do you want to hear the truth no matter how offensive or painful it may be? Talk to me. I always remain neutral. I don't judge. I say what I think, but I always ask, "do you really want to know my opinion? Or do you want me to placate you??" if I disagree with you, I'll let you know. If you're being ignorant and selfish? I have no problem telling you. If you fucked up? I'll call you out on it. Of course not in a rude way. The point isn't to wound you. The point is to help and try to give insight into another perspective. And Why am I like that? Because that's how I want to be treated when I mess up or have a problem. I want the situation dealt with. Boyfriend getting too aggressive? Friend becoming a bit creepy? Ex boyfriend acting up? I'll annihilate anybody if they don't heed my warnings. You don't fuck with the people in my life unless you want to be unconscious and in pain for a while. I'm actually trained in self defense from a young age haha Plus, I don't lose... I'm super competitive and I intimately know my body and my limits. I also like to break down my opponents until they give up. It's all a puzzle. Everybody has their limits and what drives them. Once you know why they are doing something and how they are doing it, you have the advantage.... I could go deeper into that, but I think I'll stop haha On the other hand.... I'm a sarcastic, smart ass, light hearted, Joking asshole haha No joke is too dark or off limits to me! Witty quips, bad puns and horrible jokes are my specialty! Reckless? I can be lol Loud? Sometimes. Entertaining? Very. Leader? I dislike it, but I usually end up orchestrating the adventures haha I don't drink or do drugs, but I don't need to haha Want to get kicked out of somewhere? I can make it happen if I'm dared haha If you dare me to do something in real life that won't get me tased, shot, peppersprayed or fined, I don't back down. I can be that friend where things I do and say make you laugh or grin or face palm, and say, "what the fuck? Did he actually....?" or "Fucking Brandon" Of course, I have moderation and plenty of self control, but I do enjoy going crazy every once in a while lol And I'm sorry lol I wrote a lot, but it was a funny coincidence. A friend and I were talking about this yesterday, so it's all fresh in my mind lol
definitely all play, no business. then people come at me for my lackadaisical attitude. Like, can I just live? not trying to exist on your level of depth.
@nicolejb is the queen of puns. Seriously though she's got skill lol @ButterflyBlu
@TessStevens @Arellano1052 I just love bad joke, puns, dad jokes, etc. I have no shame!! ^.^
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