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This photo was taken in 2005.

Their single "Sugar We're Going Down" topped the charts.

This in 2015. their song Uma Thuman tops the charts.
Note: Exact same formation.
SPOOKY long have they been walking?

Some may say for "Centuries"

Get it? It's a music joke...cause they have a song called Centuries...okay bye.
Back me up on this pun @nicolejb
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Hahahaha nice one @TessStevens! I wonder what their reason was all the walking! just trying to strut their stuff.
2 years ago·Reply
hahahahh yeah. I'm not sure... currently trying to think of one of their songs that could explain it lol. @nicolejb ::)))
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If anyone can do it, I’m sure it’s you ;) lol @TessStevens
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