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Man Set To Earn $11K For This Huge Chunk Of Whale Vomit
It was just another walk for Ken Williams and his dog, Madge, when the pair made quite a 'whale' of a discovery. A peculiar-looking rock that caught Madge's attention turned out to be over two pounds of whale puke. Very expensive whale puke.
Ambergris, as it's called 'in the business', is a grey, waxy substance created in the bile ducts of sperm whales to help aid digestion. The material is later expelled through vomiting. (I know. This is probably the sexiest thing I've ever written about.)
So what's the big deal with ambergris? Well, cosmetic companies use this stuff as a major ingredient in their perfumes, as it's believed to considerably extend how long a fragrance lasts when applied.

Yeah, you can thank whale puke for that.

Once Ken discovered just how lucrative his block of ambergris could be, he submitted it to a UK auction house, who set its estimated value at approximately $11,000 - the moral of the story being 'One whale's puke is another man's treasure.'
So keep your eyes peeled for some mildly nauseous whales, everyone. You might come into a tiny fortune of your own!
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Lucky bloke and his whale vomit, wish my vomits worth that much, I'll be just spewing out cash all day ... =_=
2 years ago·Reply
@ButterflyBlu Lol my mom used to hoard hand lotions too. ALL THE AVON HAND LOTIONS. I'm up to my ears in scented lotions still. And @Animaniafreak LOL I wonder if scientists have come out with a way to cause whales to throw up more. That's probably COMPLETELY inhumane (but secretly kinda funny).
2 years ago·Reply
ugh.....im pretty sure ill never use my cologne ever again....thank you @danidee
2 years ago·Reply
One whale's puke is every man's perfume...I don't know how I feel about that...
2 years ago·Reply