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well it seems I have officially came to a agree to disagree argument with myself which came out the the result of my official bias
yup...its the one and only jhope!!!
for some reason everytime I watch bts anywhere, my eyes follow jhope (talk about stalker status ) its like he is beckoning me ( anyone else get this feeling about their bias?? please don't tell me I'm alone! )
now its time to celebrate the....officializim of my bias!!
@Marilovexoxo I think everyone should have 1 bias from each group ~.~ its only fair for the boys to be loved equally
you picked a good one hopie is so adorable and hilarious lol and dont worry your not alone when I see videos with my bias my eyes always follow them my ultimate bias is GD then If I had to pick one from each group it would be chanyeol-exo(#1 of the group but I love them all), namjoon(I love all of bts too lol), Jackson-got7(another group where I've them all haha) , and sung joo-uniq so technically I have one official bias but I still have a million more