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I love these two Latin men to the core. If polygamy was legal in the United States, I'd totally marry the both of them. But it's not like any of them would ever give me the chance, anyway...

Okay, moving along...which one of these hotties do you think is the hotter one?

Oh my godddd. This is like asking me to choose between cake and pie - impossible!!!! Betta have a little slice of both ;)
Omg William Levyyyyy looks like a total SMOKE SHOW ❤️❤️❤️ ughhhh the muscles
The abs are distracting lol ... @danidee
@ButterflyBlu BAHAHA Did we both respond at the same time? I blame this on the abs.
Yessss William Levy's eyes are very lovely! but mannnnnn I am so into Mario Lopez too. It's sooo hard for me to choose. I feel like levy would be more loyal to me and lopez would be a fun boyfriend. (I am talking like I even have chance!) haha. @ButterflyBlu
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