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I love these two Latin men to the core. If polygamy was legal in the United States, I'd totally marry the both of them. But it's not like any of them would ever give me the chance, anyway...

Okay, moving along...which one of these hotties do you think is the hotter one?

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@alywoah ikr... but I freaking love Mario's dimples
2 years agoReply
His dimples are very sweet. Everytime he smiles, I swoon @MinionPeach17
2 years agoReply
@alywoah ikr... 馃槺馃槃馃槉馃槅馃槼馃槝
2 years agoReply
William Levy! His masculinity is so sexy to me. He is what I call a MAN. Yessss
2 years agoReply
ahhh so hard....Mario Lopez his sexy self and ooo those dimples I could die
2 years agoReply