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$150 Amazon: 4.1 / 5 TrailSpace: 4 / 5 About: The Veolocity 2.0 marries the toughness of a hiking shoe with the comfort of a running shoe. Gore-Tex technology makes it possible for the Velocity 2.0 to keep your feet dry while retaining breathability. It weighs in at close to 15 ounces for men and just over 12 ounces for women. A sturdy TPU plate protects your foot from rocks and other debris underfoot and a lugged outsole provides plenty of traction over tricky terrain. A durable synthetic upper provides protection and breathability while Vasque's Arc Tempo last delivers an athletic fit that promotes agility and responsiveness on technical trails. Customer Reviews: -I like these shoes a lot(size 13). Very well constructed. Solid feel. Cool(temperature-wise). They were a bit brighter than I expected(purchased mail order), but dulled down after some use. Have gotten a couple positive comments about their appearance. I felt they were a bit tight around the ball of the foot, but I was still able to use them. And after kind of surrendering to that - they did kind of break in to the point where they fit nice now, though a bit wider there would be nice, but for trail shoes I would think they fit well. I would buy another Vasque shoe after this experience. -I'm an avid trail runner and wore the Montrail Leona Divide trail shoes for years and loved them. Montrail decided to discontinue the Leona Divide leaving many searching for an alternative. On the recommendation of a friend, I took a chance on the Vasque Velocity and am very satisfied with this shoe. Similar to the Leona Divide, the Vasque Velocity has a stable platform with stiff heel and arch support. The toe box is not as wide as the Leona, but offers excellent protection from the roots and rocks. The shoe is true to size. I am 6 ft and 180 lbs and need a sturdy platform for running on miles of technical trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Right out of the box, I wore this shoe on a 21 mile trail run in Shenandoah National Park on miles of the rocky Appalachian Trail with six stream crossings and experienced absolutely no problems with this shoe. Only time will tell how they stand up to the abuse I'm about to throw at them. -I purchased these shoes about 4 months ago after getting back into running following a long hiatus. I've owned Vasque Sundowner hiking boots for years and have loved them, so I decided to give these a try. Virtually all of the reviews were 4+ stars, and Amazon had them discounted fairly significantly off the MSRP, so it seemed like a no brainer. My reaction after using them on approximately 10 trail runs of 3 - 13 miles is mixed. On the positive side, I really love the way the shoes feel. They struck the right balance between cushion and support that I was looking for. The tread is also excellent; I have had no issues with slippage, even on damp days. I gave the shoes 3 stars, however, because I have consistently gotten a blood blister just off the ball of my left foot after running longer than 5 miles. I realize that blisters happen in trail running, particularly with technical trails, so I don't want to chalk it up entirely to the shoe. Still, it's happening consistently and it's not cool. I've tried different types of socks, tighter and looser lacing patterns, but I can't seem to make it go away. Since I really don't want to buy another pair of shoes, I'm just hoping that I eventually develop a callous in that spot. -This was first pair of trail shoes after years of running on road and trails with traditional running shoes. In reading the other comments, I must also agree that they squeak, the large treads are prone to separating (especially on the edges of the shoe), and they don't really qualify as motion control shoes. I wear orthotics and need a good stability or motion control shoe. These were recommended to me, but didn't perform. With only over little more than 100 miles on them, the control is weak (I pronate in them). Also, I have a low volume on the wide side. The laces are such that the two sides of the running shoe almost join over the tongue. Hard to explain, but the width is funny, in short. Also, given the abuse that these shoes should be able to put up with, I am surprised that the laces, after getting caught on a chain ring (bicycle), pretty much disintegrated... My physical therapist commented that she didn't think there were really any decent stability type trail runners. Maybe she's correct. -These trail shoes have worked well for me for trail running, mountain scrambling and fastpacking. Not a very light shoe, but for me were quite comfortable and stable. The tread is terrific for mud and steep trails. I like that these shoes have a fair amount of cush, but are still rigid enough to protect the feet from rocks and roots. The mesh uppers don't breath particularly well, but they haven't blown a single seam: impressive. The major downside was that they got flat pretty fast. About halfway through the summer, trail-running 2 hours or so every other day, they were noticeably flat under the heal and the ball of the foot. Tread is starting to go too. I'll be replacing them with the new velocity VST this year because the Vasque last fits my feet particularly well, and I was quite happy with these shoes while they lasted.