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I absolutely hate this game. 100% Forever, giant failure. This was one of the few games my brother and I had on NES when we were growing up. We had the Super Mario's and the Zelda's but I remember when we got this and how awesome we thought it was at first glance.
It's true what they say, "don't judge an NES Cartridge by the pixellated art on the front sticker". When we started it up, we had no grasp of what to do. Most games have you move from left to right, enemies only coming from one direction. But not in Kung Fu. They come from both directions and throw weird knives at you.
It didn't help that the controls were finicky, too. It was hard to actually dodge anything and as a small child it was really hard to want to get better at something I completely despised. Sometimes, I'd forget how bad it is and pop it in the system to try it again but I'd feel the same disappointment I felt the first time we played it. I hate this game so much.
Thanks @VinMcCarthy for reminding me that this game is a horrible mess that's linked to sad little Paul memories.
I feel ya! this game was super frustrating!!!
@buddyesd I'm so glad someone feels the same, every time I try to describe this game to someone they think I'm making it up because it's just called Kung Fu, haha