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When you're crazy for somebody, your whole world changes. Suddenly, you find yourself doing things you might not normally do. Check these signs and find out: are you in love?
1. You can't stop thinking about them – even at the most inopportune times.
2. You've totally forgotten about your ex, and all the pain they caused you.
3. You want to comfort them on their bad days, for the simple reason that you care.
4. You find their imperfections more charming than annoying.
5. You have amazing conversational chemistry.
6. You stop noticing other men/women as much.
7. You love spending time with them, and wish you could see them every single day.
8. You don't mind compromising, because you love to see them happy.
9. Other priorities – alone time, sleep, work – take a backseat.
10. You think more and more about a future with him or her.
11. Even though you guys talk constantly, you don't freak out if it's been a few hours since you heard from them.
12. Their pain is your pain – when something bad happens to them, you really feel it.
13. You can't stop laughing when you're together.
If you find yourself doing and feeling all these things, then you, my friend, are in love!

Which one of my Love & Relationship Vinglers is feeling those warm fuzzies, hm? :D

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I'm in total love
2 years ago·Reply
And one more. you want to rip their head off and punch them but life would be too boring and unreal without them desiderate tou annoying you because no one else matters to you besides your kids that much. haha mom of 2 and with my husband for 9 years lol
2 years ago·Reply
@DeadlyCyanide that's real too! sometimes you kinda want rip heads off.
2 years ago·Reply
Ahahahaha @DeadlyCyanide wisdom from someone who knows :) I guess love wouldn't be real love if you didn't get annoyed at them once in a while!!
2 years ago·Reply
And @mchlyang you don't HAVE to necessarily experience every single one... but I think these are good guidelines. As they say, "when you know, you know" (even though it always made me so mad every time someone said that before I understood what they meant lol)
2 years ago·Reply