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This Kerouac quote really sends shivers down my spine. Even though it's another one of those "easier-said-than-done" kind of quotes. But I like it. I constantly feel like I'm at a crossroads in my life: will I eat a bagel or last-night's pizza for breakfast, or will I stay in my hometown or try my luck out in the world, these are both equally taxing decisions.
But this quote is a great reminder for me to not think about my decisions and just do what I want to do when it comes. I've lived most of my life letting other people make decisions for me or have them force the choice I make. I haven't ever really done anything in my life that I wanted to do.
I'm glad have Kerouac's words to remind me that it's my life to live and I shouldn't necessarily do the responsible thing and maybe do the more fun or challenging thing that I want to do.
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Kerouac is one of the greats, often imitated rarely duplicated. Him and Thompson for me are the quintessential beat generation take no shit writers. Totally agree with this post. 100% and it kind of scares me too. That's what writing has the power to do: scare the shit out of you and motivate you to be better.