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we went to the beach and there was no connection there, i miss vingle so much..!!so i just wrote VingleEnglish on the sand and some of my close friends's names who i always talk to here on vingle...^^ -thanks to my big right toe.. that toe wrote all of these...lol!! ^^ @neaa, @cheerfulcallie, and @yinofyang... i missed you guys and vingle when i was at the beach...^^
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hi rochelle.. how are you ... welcome back... actually, i've just been back too just last week... ^^ i've been away for 5 months... can you believe that?...lol
4 years ago·Reply
wow!... yeah its been a while i miss all of you here!... btw how r u now unnie?....
4 years ago·Reply
i'm good... how long were you gone?
4 years ago·Reply
oh i dont really remember, but i think it's a month or two after faith....
4 years ago·Reply
oh i see... hope you stay for long...^^
4 years ago·Reply