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When you think of weddings, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the dress.

Finding the perfect dress is every woman's dream come true, but finding the perfect hairstyle is just as important. I mean we all know that no look is complete without the perfect hairstyle to pull it all together. On your wedding day you want to look perfect and while some ladies buy multiple dresses [one for the ceremony and one for the reception], it's not unusual to wear multiple hairstyles as well. You want to have your guests in awe when they see you. It's your special day, so why not go all out -- right?
POPSUGAR reached out to Pierre Michel's hairstylist Jerome Lordet to show us ladies and brides to be how to transform our hair in three easy, beautiful styles on your wedding day. Ladies, definitely take notes -- you and your hair can definitely benefit from these effortless styles shown below.

Look #1: The Ceremony

Look #2: The Reception

Look #3: The Brunch

Talk about an amazing and super easy transformation.

Are those wedding bells I hear?
I'm super obsessed with look #3! It's so beautiful @marshalledgar
look #3. The Brunch. love this. a lot. Perfect for a striking Basil Soda bridal gown.