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This lamp is a perfect way to create a relaxing ambiance in your living room or a great nightlight in your bedroom. This DIY tutorial comes from the incredibly creative people at A Little Craft Day.
Print out an outline of a skyline (you pick the city) and tape it onto a lamp shade. Try to find a black lamp shade because it will make this project take much less time than painting the shade (although you can do that too if you can't find a black lamp shade). Then, use thick pin (or a puncher from the craft store) and punch around the skyline. The closer you are to the buildings on the skyline, make the holes closer together.
If you are feeling more creative, try different skylines and different punching patterns to give your lampshade a truly unique look!
If you need some more instructions on how to make this project, check out this video for more details.


You now have a cute lamp that shows the skyline of your favorite city!
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That is gorgeous. I will try this!
Wow this looks amazing! I def need to make one as well....
this is awesome! I need to make myself one of these pronto.