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Small, round, and a good source of protein, iron, and fiber, quinoa is a quick and flavorful way to get in a serving of whole grains. About the size of pellets of couscous, quinoa cooks in about 20 minutes. The only special handling required with quinoa is to give it a good rinse before cooking; otherwise, the grains can be bitter. Quinoa can also be cooked and dehydrated to be used as nutritious trail food or cooked on the trail without using too much fuel.
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I've pretty much replaced rice with quinoa in my diet--love it
@peteryang292 definitely a right move. currently trying to get my children on the quinoa train but they're not having it
@gabyrich try feeding it to them like oatmeal with berries amd such to trick them at first lol
@happyrock the oldest trick in the book, haha
@gabyrich I don't have any kids but I do have younger cousins so I've definitely learned some tricks hah