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We can't help but love her.

From her big hair to her freckles and let's not forget to mention hair laid back sense of style. You guessed it. I'm talking about, singer-songwriter SZA. If you're not familiar, I urge you to please get familiar. Not only are vocals amazing, but I can't help but love how effortless her style is. She knows how to mix and match pieces and colors that most would overlook. Over the last few years she has been pretty heavy on the scene with her music, but she has definitely been making a name for herself in the world of fashion. She even scored an article in Vogue. Yes, Vogue. Like how huge is that?
Her style would be best described as tomboy chic. She knows how to mix and match pieces to make her ensemble look amazing and chill -- a skill we should all master. I'm definitely here for SZA. It's not her booty, it's her beauty -- okay, maybe it's a bit of both. If you have yet to fall in love with this gorgeous singer, you can do so below while sifting through a couple pictures that capture her amazing sense of style.
It's no secret that SZA loves a good jersey. Whether she's pairing it with a pair of shorts or wearing it solo, she always makes it look good.
Overalls and SZA go hand in hand. It's seldom that you won't see the singer rockin' a pair with a flannel shirt [as seen above]. The pair of sandals adds a chill, laid back vibe to the look..
Mixing prints is something else that SZA does extremely well. She makes it look so easy and let's not forget so good.
Every tomboy has their moments when they want to throw on something girly. This pink mesh top and skirt combo is perfect for that tomboy chic look SZA masters so well.
Simple tees and a pop of color seem to be SZA's forte. She doesn't need to do much when it comes to being fashionable because her hair does all the talking.

SZA teaches us how to dress to be comfortably stylish.

And she does it so well.
nice hair
yes! her hair is amazing @MaxwelJuliet