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I kinda have a thing for tote bag diy projects. Like for the summer, I showed you all how to paint an Easy Breezy Tote Bag, which you can see by clicking here. This one, however, doesn't include paint--just cute felt letters!

Supplies Needed:

-wool felt
-plain canvas bag
-fabric scissors
-fabric glue
For this design, just trace and then cut out letters that are about 3-4" tall. If you don't feel confident free handing your own letters, just find a bold font you like on your computer and print out the copy so you can use that as a guide to trace onto the felt with a marker. Just make wavy lines instead of straight ones for the "kale" letters.
On the back of each letter, add a thin layer of fabric glue that goes almost to the edge. Leave a little room from the edges so that the glue can smush out a bit when you press it down without leaking out the sides. Press each letter in place and let the glue totally dry.
Now that you've got a cute tote bag (that everyone is going to love!), make a few extras since you don't want to carry around a dirty bag. Remember to cycle these and to wash them regularly. Too many people forget to wash tote bags and wind up with illnesses unnecessarily.
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