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ahhhhhh im not gonna lie jin and jimin look so fabulous together.......jimin's name is basically the shipping name hahahaha XD
the rappers........suga you keep missing rap monsters mouth.......that sounded wrong but hey its true hahaha
ahhhhhh runited and it feels so good hahaha Vhope has been reunited....lets take a closer look.....
Ahhhhh i love this shipping.....hands down #1 favorite shipping in bts of all time my true OTP
awwwww jungkook you have no one.............its okay since taehyung is with jhope ill be yours so dont worry
you guys should go watch the video in the v app is so awesome, cute and funny i love it :) <3 video: http://m.vlive.tv/video/1779
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I just watched it and I'm laughing so hard. I definitely ship sugamon but rapmon as the girl you know. I want some VKOOK happening tho XD
@sherrysahar i want to see everyone in a drama they are all.so good at acting
@ParkMeiFan same with the sugamon but now i ship jimin with jin as well hahah
@B1A4BTS5ever yes you or so rite