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Remember how much fun all the other clay projects I showed you were? Well, here's another cute one. It's a whimsical moon garland that showcases the different phases of the moon in a beautiful garland. While the colors can change to suit your decor, I do love the look of the soft white and gray marble look of these.

Supplies Needed:

-3 small packages of oven bake clay in one or two shades.
-parchment paper
-rolling pin
-jar lid or circular cookie cutter
-cotton twine
-skewer for poking holes
-metallic paint and paintbrush
-access to an oven
-6" copper pipe (optional)
-pipe cutter (optional)
Note: When using oven bake clay, be aware that you should keep parchment paper in between any surfaces that you also use for food items such as cookie sheets, rolling pins, etc. Do not use cookie cutters on cookies after having used on oven bake clay. Safety first!
Roll your clay between two sheets of parchment paper with your rolling pin for a smooth surface that is between 1/4" and 1/3" thick. To learn how to marble your clay, click here.
Leave one alone and then lay the rest out in pairs. For the first set nearest the full moon, use your jar lid to cut into it just about 1/4 of the way. You can always cut off the same side on both sets and flip it later because you want them to be opposites for an accurate waxing and waning effect.
For the next set, cut into it almost 1/2 way. Then for the last set, cut into it about 2/3 of the way. You can save your excess clay for any mess up moons that you might need to remake.
Turn on your oven according to manufacturer's instructions. Use your skewer to poke holes through each moon as shown. You don't want to poke too close to any edges, so start with your thinnest moons first and do your best to keep your two holes aligned so they'll hang straight. Be sure your holes goes all the way through.
Place them in the oven according to manufacturer's instructions on top of parchment paper and a cookie sheet. Once they're done baking, let them cool and then paint the edges gold. Let them dry before moving to the next step.
Cut your twine and thread it through your clay moons. Be gentle as you go so you don't have to rebake any more moons! Be aware of the position they are facing as you thread them for an accurate waxing and waning effect. To keep them from sliding around on your twine, tie a knot on the back side of one hole per moon.
Add a little copper pipe to your moon garland by cutting some 1/4" piping with a pipe cutter and threading each end through before tying a knot.
Then trim the twine at the knot before finding a place to hang it. From there, you're done! Find a cute place to hang this, like in the bathroom or an entry way. Even in a children's room would be cute! For more DIY projects that you're going to love, click here!