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This is getting out of hand.

After all that weekend drama with his innings limit, Matt Harvey produced his worst outing of the season (and one of the worst of his career). The Mets fall behind 7-1.

And they come back to win it.

There's something in the water in New York, I'm telling you.

You have to understand: This was a game that the Nationals needed to win. And when they jumped on Harvey - and Cespedes allowed a little-league inside-the-park home run by letting a single up the middle go ALL the way to the wall - you figured they had gotten it done.
You figured this all-important series would come down to deGrom pitching tonight, giving the Mets a pretty good chance. But a desperate Nats team would be tough. I saw it was 7-1, and I didn't bother to turn the game on. Can't win 'em all, as they say.

Boy, was I wrong.

The Mets came with a furious comeback, scoring 6 runs in the 7th inning. This was as much about the Nationals absolutely dissolving before our eyes as it was about the Mets, though. Former closer Drew Storen allowed a 3-run double to Cespedes, then walked three consecutive batters. Game tied, just like that.
Storen was pathetic - at one point, the Mets' announcers commented on the redness in his face. They wondered if it was because of the heat and humidity in Washington, or if he was just embarrassed with his lack of ability to throw a strike. I'm betting it was the latter.
So, 7-7. The Mets had fought all the way back. But the Nationals still needed this game, and you thought maybe they'd get it together in time to save the evening... and maybe their season.

Enter Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

Yes, that Nieuwenhuis. The one who has been filling the Mets' bench for the past few years. The one who was released this season by the Mets, signed by the Angels, then released by them, too. The one who rejoined the Mets, then was sent down to the majors. Somewhere, in the middle of all that, Nieuwenhuis hit three home runs in a single game in June. Uh... What?
As you can see, there is no 'normal' with this guy. Anything can happen - good, bad, terrible, outstanding, you name it. There's no telling.
Let's be very, very clear: Nieuwenhuis's 8th-inning, go-ahead home run was CRUSHED. Demolished. Clobbered. Slugged.
Check out the beauty here.
I think Syndergaard's tweet pretty much says it all.
This was a crazy, crazy game - the best win all season - and one that we're going to be talking about for a long, long time.

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I can't believe this man......but I guess these are one of the reasons why people love baseball! Everyone projected the Nats to win the WS but look who's in first right now
that's why you play the game hahhaah