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Has anybody seem Dream knights?! I just found it on dramafever and im soo mad lol idk hoe I didn't see this before Its soo perfect♡♥
this is seriously the best ever broke my heart when jb fought the guys but at the same time it was oddly attractive hahaha seriously JB mad is a million times more gorgeous
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I cried like a big baby towards the end
@IvyMcConnell I didnt like the ending it would have been way Better if instead of them disappearing since she was dying anyway they should have had her die (I know it sounds messed up) after the dance the they stay human and jackson could stay with that girl and be her friend and of course so jb wouldn't disappear
If you watch the last episode to the very end JB comes back....I think it was like a year later
I came across it and watched it then JB became my bias. before I loved them all equally lol
I just started watching and I'm freaking dying! Jackson cracks me up in so 2