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I'm kinda surprised by the bright colors that are expected for Fall. Anyone else curious about this too? Chicago is mostly grays and browns for the Fall. It's kind of a nice change from the brights of Spring and Summer. So when I heard about bold colors for Fall, I was really surprised.
If that's the case, it's time to update your purses...with candy kisses spikes! Take a look!

Supplies Needed:

- Purse (that needs updating)
- Cone Spikes (that look like candy kisses)
- E6000 or adhesive for vinyl/leather/suede
Step One: Lay out the cones on your bag in a line or a geometric shape that works with the style of the purse. Practice different designs before you glue them.
Step Two: Once you have the look that you like, begin gluing the spikes onto the purse and let dry (based on the glue's instructions).
Step Three: Wear your purse with glee. While this isn't nearly a Louboutin knock-off, those who are familiar with the fashion brand will do a double-take when they see this. Make them wonder...
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