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These are some pics from a couple of the times I've visited my favorite place to eat Dasarang. It's a Korean restaurant located in Greensboro NC, and everything I've had has been amazing. Growing up Korean culture has always drawn me in, I remember hearing my first kpop song by Boa over 11 years ago. Ever since then I've been so into the music, the dramas, and traditions. So I was amazed to find that all of the amazing foods I've learned about over the years are actually available to me. Eating at Dasarang has allowed me to have a little piece of Korea that I've always wanted to experience. I've even been able to test out my conversational skills with the owner. :) I do plan on visiting south Korea one day.....maybe next year! I Want to see seoul, jeju, itewon ....basically I want to see as much as possible lol and of course try some of that delicious food in its place of origin. I've noticed there's a lot of spice and veggies but there's of course Korean food I think even the pickiest eaters would enjoy. You should give it a try!! just be careful when consuming soju!!!
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@tevinwithers21 yeah it doesn't taste strong at all, which is probably what makes it so dangerous lol
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@tevinwithers21 @mattk95 soju is even better when you mix it into beer. they call it somaek. it's awesome.
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@VinMcCarthy your the coolest dude ever for even knowing about that!
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@tevinwithers21 hahaha thanks! but you should totally try it. gets you pretty lit, pretty quick.
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@VinMcCarthy oh I definitely have! lol then imagine Korean karaoke tight after! lol oh I have some videos I regret lol
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