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I was reading AllKpop's article about Kyung and his solo debut and scrolling down to look at the comments I saw one I found curiously interesting so I looked at it and instantly regretted it. I was so angry at this person's replies. she claimed that Kyung is going to ruin Taeils career and Kyung was never supose to be in Block B. He's a "nontalented" member etc. The rest you can read on the pictures.
Here's the link of the beautiful response alittlebitblockbbias said.
This is fckn pissing me off, how dare she say that about Kyung, he is awesome, and I for one am very much looking forward to his solo!!!! Plus does she not know that Taeil already released a solo song this year? Smh I never understand how people can be a fan of a group without being a fan of all the members, Block B wouldn't be Block B without Kyung >:(
That's such an ignorant thing to say. Like the second person said ...who cares what order they go in? For all she knows the other members may still be perfecting all the songs on their solo CDS and just aren't ready to debut it yet. And secondly is it that people STILL haven't realized that most of these decisions aren't made by the artists themselves? Why hate on the artist when it's the company that decides who debuts first or not?
@MattK95 I agree. Block B wouldn't be Block B without any of the members. They are our babies. excluding one member is like loving all your children except one. that's f**ked up. I will never be able to see her as a BBC.
I swear I can't stand people like that... it's ridiculous.