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Winter Village By Scratch - DIY

Want to start a really cool family tradition? Get the family together and create a beautiful winter village from scratch (and a few supplies). With the right materials, you can light it up for a whimsical wintry village that will mean more to you and cost a lot less than the expensive store-bought ceramics.

Supplies Needed:

-building templates
Building 1 Click here
Building 2 Click here
Building 3 Click here
Building 4 Click here
-colored foam board (or you can paint or spray mount colored paper to foamboard)
-gold or white vellum
-small L-brackets
-X-Acto blade (with plenty of refill blades)
-drafting tape or painter's tape
-hot glue gun (or glue of your choice)
-puffy paint
-LED spotlights (optional)
Step One: Use drafting tape (or painter's tape) to fasten the template to your foam board. Use an X-Acto blade to cut out the windows and shape of each building. It will take a few passes of the blade to cut all the way through. Be patient! If you push too hard on the blade, you will break the tip.
Note: This tutorial shows the use of matte board. However, the BEST material is FOAM Board.
Step Two: Trim the windows and doors with puffy paint. You can add any interest that you want during this time too, such as shingles, bricks, or even a little wreath.
Step Three: When the puffy paint has completely dried and hardened, flip the building facade upside-down and glue vellum to the windowed areas. Then glue one or two brackets onto the back, making sure not to glue a bracket onto any window or door openings.
Using a cheap battery-operated LED spot light, which you can find almost anywhere, you can light up the wintry night village for a touch of charm and sparkle. Ikea has these for cheap!
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