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Tina Fey continues to prove she is one of the most awesome people alive in 2015. Like really.
Last night she made an appearance on Late Night to chat with Seth Meyers, and the topic of conversation turned to the Beyoncé lip-syncing video featuring Jane Krakowski and Tituss Burgess.
Rather than soak in the awesomeness that is Fey (I'm currently working on my "Fey Is Bey" collection on Vingle, bare with me as I gather my clips *smirk*) she shared news that one of her friends is the queen of Dubsmash right now. Pretty cool right?

Maya Rudolph is the best at Dubsmash and Tina Fey wants the world to know it.

Looking to expose Maya's Dubsmash skills to the masses, Fey shared one of her clips on the show with the fans live. Fey mentions that when watching the dubsmash we should critique it on:
-General Amazingness
-Precision of lip-sync
-Facial work
This video is hilarious! I love Maya and Fey. Hopefully this is the first of many cool Dubsmash videos they share with everyone on social media.
Also, Maya Rudolph is amazing too. Girl deserves her own show
TINA FEY IS THE BOMB. really though. She is so smart and funny.
I love Tina AND Maya. I'm so glad that Maya has maintained her presence in comedy after leaving SNL. She was always one of my favorites. And I can totally, TOTALLY get behind this alleged 'Fey is Bey' collection.
@nicolejb I have to admit, I was slow to buy into Maya Rudolph, but the more I see from her the more I like.. loved her in Bridesmaids