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"Oh, please," you might say. "First you're telling me the Mets are going to win the World Series. Now you want to brag about their broadcasters? Give me a break. You can't have your cake and eat it, too."

And I get it. That's kind of fair. It's a lot to brag about. But that's what it's like these days in the life of a Mets fans.
Plus, this broadcasters thing is nothing new. Mets fans have been saying this for years. Gary Cohen (classic New Yorker), Keith Hernandez (delusional ex-Met trying to relive the glory days, half-asleep most of the time), and Ron Darling (another ex-Met and legitimately intelligent baseball mind) make up the best booth team in the business.
They play off each other each day, and in a game with such monotony, these guys keep each day interesting.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Here's another example, from Carlos Torres's miraculous bank shot put-out last week. This video gives you both Gary Cohen (from SNY TV) and Josh Lewin from the radio. [This play, by the way, remains to be one of the best defensive plays I've ever seen. I mean, come on.]
There's emotion, there's passion, there's love, there's relief - it's all there, and Gary Cohen's goofy, geeky voice is the perfect vehicle of expression.
But, it's not just about the TV guys, you know. The radio announcers, Josh Lewin and Howie Rose, do a heck of a job themselves. In fact, their call of last night's drama could even top the TV booth's.
For anyone interested in sports broadcasting, or newscasting, or of the digital and media arts, these guys are a must-see (and a must-listen!)

They check all the boxes.

And they keep me interested day in, day out.
Even when the Mets aren't playing well, they make the team worth watching, because you never know what's going to happen on air.
I distinctly remember a game in June, when the Mets were at the bottom of the barrel. Keith started groaning with each Mets out. He couldn't take it. And every fan was right there with him - it was the perfect expression of frustration and just disbelief.

These days, there isn't anything to sigh deeply about - it's all about screaming, yelling and getting as pumped up as possible.

#LGM !

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my personal fave....david niehaus's 1995 call