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My WCW is the gorgeous and talented South Korean actress that everyone loves! She is funny and elegant... and her dramas are good, good GOOD! Idk about you, but she is my first love and my girl bias ♡ My Favourite Dramas: You're Beautiful {first drama I finished} Heartstrings {ship her and YongHwa} Pinocchio {amazing drama} Heirs {Her and Lee Minho? my first Korean crush? yes please!} which drama from her is your favourite? and who is your beautiful woman crush?
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she would braid their hair and joke around with them
Lee min ho on the other hand was all over the place
@lv22 omg so she is a happy girl how was Lee min ho and her reaction together
they would talk to each other or they'd talk with the crew
Flower boys next door is also a good drama of hers!!