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Okay! I got questions to answer firstly thanks to all the people who left questions. So lets get started!
@Shannon15 asks what got me into Marvel? Actually it was my dad. he's a huge comic book nerd and he would show me the ones he had so i started reading them.
@kpopandkimchi asks what was my first kpop song? It qas actually Fantastic Baby by Big Bang
@kpoplover1995 asks favorite kop group? Right now it's EXO
@poojas asks favorite anime? Attack on Titan or Black Butler
Finally @RosePark asks most annoying anime character? Elizabeth Middleford from Black Butler
Thanks guys for the question! i would love to answer anymore you have so leave them down in the comment section below. Thanks again
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Oh wow! I love that it was your dad who got you into comics. I'm actually trying to get my dad to read Watchmen right now... it's slow going XD do you have a favorite character?
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@AimeeH @FreeWill666 @EllieDean I think you all have a lot in common with @SierraWilson16 Let's welcome them!
2 years ago·Reply
@SierraWilson16 hello! I love comic books, exo! what's your favorite song
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2 years ago·Reply
Fantastic baby was my first kpop song too!!!
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