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Are you a masochist or sadist? haha His logic was ludicrous.
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Haha I was trying to figure it out which one I would be in hus realn of logic but I feel like it depends on what day it is...or maybe I'm just a sadist pretending to be a masochist or the other way around. I just don't know lol @MikeRoe
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@littlemaryk you are confusing yourself, you're mind must be tortured. You're a MASOSHIST! But you're the one that's delivering the the suffering, so you're ACTUALLY a SADIST!!! 😄 HA-HA!
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Hahaha I was sincerely reflecting and now I know I am actually a masoshist lololol sounds interesting @MikeRoe
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@littlemaryk lol sure does sound interesting
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