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I have been a busy bee! Most of the community on Vingle knows that I love Kpop, but in my spare time I love to create things and play video games! My favorite series is Silent Hill and I make nurse masks for cosplayers and Halloween haunts.
If you or a friend would like a Silent Hill mask please visit my Etsy shop:
I also take commissions for plushie projects if you have any in mind, thanks for looking!
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Super cool! How long did it take for you to make it?
These are TERRIFYING lol. what did you make them out of??
(terrifying is a good thing in this case hahahah)
honestly I thought it was an egg wrapped in bacon when I had seen the image. made me hungry and scared. Silent Hill still gives me nightmares.
Theyre plaster molds :) Sorry they don't smell of bacon!