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If these comments are true, Robert Pattinson is a bold man.

Recently Pattinson sat down with Elle France for an exclusive interview. While the main topic was new work, Robert shared his disdain with living in American and American people.
RB was pretty harsh during this one.
“It’s going to make you laugh, but as a Brit, to hear someone say I’m American is the worst insult! I am English! Let it be known once and for all," said Robert during the interview.
If that wasn't enough, Pattinson shared how uncomfortable fans in America make him in Los Angeles. "I live between L.A. and London, and being in London is a pure delight. They leave me alone. It’s the same everywhere in Europe. The other day I was strolling around Paris, and nobody bothered me!”

I'm so sorry that America has overwhelmed you with boatloads of diehard fans who worship the ground you walk on.

I find it odd when actors come out and make statements like this. Aren't you aware that the people coming out to support your work play a huge factor in your success?
I hope he steps out and clarifies this quote soon.