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While many artists often leave money on the table to be apart of a "passion project," I would never expect Stephen Colbert to be one of them.

Earlier this week news broke in regards to details of Colbert's contract on his new show, and it seems as if he left a HUGE chunk of change on the table upfront.

At Comedy Central, Colbert was raking in around $6 million per year. For his move to CBS, his three-year deal puts him at $4.6 million per year.

While that is still a lot of money, Colbert left 1.4 million a year on the table each year. While that is still a nice pay day, his annual take is WAY less than his late night counterparts (Fallon makes $12 million per year, while Kimmel makes $10 million).

I guess the opportunity to take over the reigns of the show with David Letterman was too sweet of a gig to walk away from.

I'm sure this deal has plenty of bonus opportunities for Stephen based on the success of the show, which he will most likely hit. If his debut telecast’s ratings are any indication — The Late Show‘s ratings were more than double Fallon’s The Tonight Show on Tuesday night, Colbert will be just fine.
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@DaniVO awesome! I'm gonna have to give it a try. I'm not a big late night talk show guy, but for colbert i'll give it a shot.
I’m with @DaniVO, I thought this would be a good opportunity for him to develop his own personality and ability to talk as “himself” more.
@nicolejb @DaniVO so fun fact: he was actually part of a theater company I've worked for. He never did anything with them because he got picked up by the Daily Show like... the next day XD but a big part of the company's philosophy was not having a fourth wall, not being characters or pretending something is there when it's not. And I'm wondering now if he'll end up using some of their philosophy.... I can hope!
Wow that’s so interesting @shannonl5. I think he might’ve. That and I think after a long time people get sick of being just a character, and want to share their true self with the world.
@nicolejb sure. And while the character he was doing was extremely popular, there were probably moments where it wasn't as effective as he would have liked. They were making fun of the news, but at the same time people were going to them for news more than actual broadcasts and it was probably difficult to deliver real information with that character. He certainly did it, but you're right he probably would do really well with a forum for his own ideas now