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Alright friends, voting for round 2 has come to a close, it is now Wednesday and everything is tallied up!
Round 2 was not nearly as close as Round 1, and some actually said it was easier than the first round! I didn't have to use any tie breaker votes, although the closest win was just by two votes.
You guys ready for Round 3?!?!
As I did in the last card, I will write each match below since my bracket is a little hard to read since it is tooooo big to scan.
Please, as we have done the last two cards, write your numbered picks in the comments, I will tally everything
then I will figure everything out and get the second to last card out to you guys.
Since we only have 6 rounds to vote on this week, I will be posting gifs of each pairing.
The gif I choose of each member might not be the only way in which this idol is the cutest, most adorable, most cheek pinching little baby ever.
if you want to, definitely do the google thing.
I tried to pick gifs that had a more natural cute factor instead of an intended aegyo, although that does play a factor in how some of ya'll are voting (and truly how I vote as well sometimes) and please try and be as least biases towards your favorite idols as possible so that it is a fair voting!
1. Onew (SHINee) Vs Rap Monster (BTS)
2. Ilhoon (BtoB) Vs BamBam (Got7)
3. Suga (BTS) Vs Junior (Got7)
4. L (Infinite) Vs Jin (BTS)
5. Mark (Got7) Vs Jimin (BTS)
6. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Vs V (BTS)
We have our six match ups. As we see, we have a BTS member in almost every match up lol. Try and be as minimal biases towards that wonderful groups as possible (they are all freaking adorable though so, I understand).
Let the voting begin! Good luck everyone.
Let's continue this bracket until we have crowned: THE K-POP KING OF CUTE!!!
(I forgot to make the collage of cuties that didn't make it, so lets all just think fondly of their faces and charms in memorial)
Hopefully I didn't tag anyone twice. Have fun ya'll!
1. Rap Monster 2. BamBam 3. Suga <3 4. L xD 5. Mark :* 6. G-dragon... no V.... G-Drag.... V-Dragon Tie can't choose soooo V-Dragon it is.
1 rap monster 2bambam 3suga 4 Jin 5 jimin 6gdragon
rap mon bam bam suga jin jimin v
I must go cry now
1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 銋溿厹 I don't want to pick .... ahhh... Onew... 2. Ilhoon (bambam is adorbs though) 3. SUGA!!!! <3 4. This hurts me.... I... umm.... .... Jin (L I'm sorry forgive meeee) 5. I really hate this.... Jimin 6. GD! I have to pick GD >.< You hurt me... My heart.. my heart
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