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My show would be called Slumber Talks. Everyone have to wear pajamas of some sort as a guest on my show and in as a member of the audience.
Emma Stone would be my co - host. I mean she has great comedic timing.
My audience would sit In these and down below
All the magic would happen on this awesome couch.
My first guests would be Ryan Gosling, Meryl Streep and I ended of my fav authors Amber Lynn Naustch. We would make cookies and popcorn. Gossip about all there new projects and play slumber party games while wearing our pajamas. Imagine playing twister while answering pop trivia. The laying on the couch everyone talking like you do at a slumber party. I picked these as our first guests because I love Meryl Streep. Every week I will have a different author on rather they are indie or best sellers. Every night we would have story time and have the author play Mad libs with the celebrities.
Would be one of my famous segments where we caption famous couples and what we think there pillow talk is...
I would not have a house band but a musical guest every week. Mt first musical guest would be Flyleaf... Guess what they would be in pajamas.
Stay tune for next week and see what more Shenanigans we get into in our pajamas with celebs and turn this late night into a slumber party. Thanks @danidee for tagging me. And @SharayahTodd @shannonl5 @AimeeH @VinMcCarthy and @DanRodriguez I hoped you enjoyed my talk show.
This sounds like my dream slumber party lol.
I would absolutely cuddle up under a blanket and watch this as I went to sleep.
This was awesome! I'd totally watch this show
They should make a show like this. I can't be the only one that wants this to happen
It seriously needs to happen. lol even if I'm not the host. @VinMcCarthy @shannonl5