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Some lucky fan was able to have King Youngbae over for dinner. I haven't watched it yet, but I found an article on Soompi and found the video. No English subtitles, but someone translated the conversation in the comment section of this video. As always when I come across the English subtitles video I will share!
After watching this I'm like BB please come to my home!
Lucky girl. I would have gotten into trouble if Youngbae came to my house. Lol 9 months later I would be all in the news with baby Youngbae lol.

I'm so bad sometimes I forget GD is my hubby lol. I can't be loving the crew lol....excuse my PG13 rambling....

I would have introduced him to my culture and made a Latin dish and we would have had alcohol. Slow cooked and fruit tomato salsa....with fresh chips....sweet fried plantains....with an adult drink I like sunset margaritas.

If Youngbae showed up to your house what would you have done? What meal would have prepared? No judgment zone!!

well first i would hug him of course then apologize in advanced cause im not a chef but I would make my famous egg seaweed and siracha ramen and for the side I would make him platano because i can cook that lol then I would simply conversate ask him how hes doing show him all my pets then last but not least...........ask him to be the best man at me and Gds wedding hahaha
What would I do? Well, first get him away from my little brother who talks for hours and he stutters which I know Taeyang will get annoyed by the first minute. And as for food, maybe a full on Mexican BBQ and play outside with a ball as the food's cookin'. ^^
I would've prepared some traditional mexican dishes make him fall for the sexy latinas lol
if youngbae show up to my house...i would cook him a 5 course meal so i could stall and get my niece over...i got her into bb and she is forever sweating yb
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