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So I have a habit of "hitting" my friends buts its really just me play fighting with them. So today, one of my friends tells me, "Why are you so violent?! You're supposed to become violent after you become a housewife!" And i'm like, first of all girl I is not violent ok? And she continued "You're gonna beat your husband, watch! Good thing it's Jackson and he knows Martial Arts. Hes gonna karate chop your ass girl!!"
You dont even understand how BIG my grin was when she said that. OMG. At least my friends understand but really, I never expected my friends to plan and picture my future for me. Anyway, I would treat him so well!!
Jackson be like, this girl just hit me?! I show her how thick my thighs can really get!!! Just kidding we'd be a great couple...if we ever meet in life...which we probably never will.
D.O's like stop daydreaming girl, just stop.
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Oh my goodness!! My friends do the exact same thing too, hope u and Jackson meet in real life tho...
Lol I don't have similar stories. I'm older, my friends aren't into K-Pop, I got married at a young age, and no longer view things as I used to when it comes to love and marriage so. I'd be no fun here 😅
hahaha your friend knows you too well!😂
lol d.o. is seriously all of our friends when we tell them were gonna marry our bias
I wish my friends understood hahaha